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May 3-7, 2017
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Resist n Paint Beginner 1

Cynthia Wismann


"Resist n’ Paint" is a fun way to create your own designs on fabric! You will work from a template to learn how a resist is applied and how to paint with a liquid paint. You will be painting with Dye Na Flow paints and have the ability to create custom colors or make a gradation of a single color for your design. Dye Na Flow paints act like a dye and need to be treated like a dye, so you will use a heat set and treated washing process. Dye Na Flow paints and the resist method allow you so much versatility in your painted projects. This is a great way to make quick and easy "Soft Art"…

Simple design templates to create a positive effect on fabric


student supply list 

felt white 24” x 34” (2-pieces cut to size)

plastic table cover, painters tape

paper towels, pins (straight), favorite paint brushes

design 18” x 22” (optional)

$10.00 kit fee

2- fat quarter pfd fabric, 1- sample fabric  mechanical pencil, template workbook with instruction sheet

instructor supplies to share in workshop

paints, paint brushes, resist, applicator bottle foam trays, water bowls, synthrapol, bucket, drop cloth foam core board 20”x 30” or painter’s frames, purple tape 

Items for sale:   supplies are available individually 

Basic Sewing Supplies: Scissors (trimming, small appliqué and larger sheers), Pins, marking pens (removable ink and chalk), seam ripper, small ruler, and tweezers


Class Fee: $10 (paid to instructor at beginning of class)

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