American Embroidery Conference
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American Embroidery Conference

Where Friends, Sewing and Crafting Meet

May 3-7, 2017
Palm Beach Gardens Marriott
Palm Beach Gardens, FL
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Pleasures and Pitfalls of Your Home Embroidery Business

Mary Aldridge


Mary will share with you some if the lessons she has learned setting up and running her own very successful home embroidery business.  She has more work then she can take in and it helps pay for her embroidery machine and embroidery sewing habit.  If you would like to learn how to start making some money to pay for your expensive machine just working part time form you home Marie can share a wealth of information with you.  We all want the expensive multi needle machines to use for our addiction to embroidery, Marie will help you to learn how to pay for it, but still have fun.


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