American Embroidery Conference
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American Embroidery Conference

Where Friends, Sewing and Crafting Meet

May 3-7, 2017
Palm Beach Gardens Marriott
Palm Beach Gardens, FL
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Embrilliance Overview Plus

Gayle Pearl & Dawn Wenner


Embrilliance Overview Plus

What Do You Need for What You Want To Do?

And How To Do It…

If you are confused about which parts of Embrilliance you need for what you want to do, this will help you decide.

  We will show you each part and how it can work for you!  If you already own Embrilliance we can help you use it to its full potential.  Some of the techniques we will cover are turning your digitized alphabets into keyboard fonts, intertwining letters for awesome monograms, combining designs, creating cut files for your silhouette and then on to some easy digitizing.  We will start at the beginning and build on that.  By the end of class we will have gone through all of the components and then have time for questions.

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