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American Embroidery Conference

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May 3-7, 2017
Palm Beach Gardens Marriott
Palm Beach Gardens, FL
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Grab and Go Oraginizer

Barbara Hershey Handler


Make this organizer that can be used for sewing, jewlery or any other hobby to help you organize your tools and such.  Hey, we all need some organization.  The see through vinyl will make it easy for you to see all your important stuff in the organizer.


Point Turner and Teflon Foot (snap on) will be available for purchase - or bring your own.
You will need thread, measuring tool, pencil or pen that makes disappearing marks, Scissors, and Pins - plus anything else that makes your sewing life easier.  Your kit will contain precut fabric, batting, vinyl, and ribbon. You will also get a template and instructions.

Basic Sewing Supplies: Scissors (trimming, small appliqué and larger sheers), Pins, marking pens (removable ink and chalk), seam ripper, small ruler, and tweezers

Class Fee: $15 (paid to instructor at beginning of class)

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