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American Embroidery Conference

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May 3-7, 2017
Palm Beach Gardens Marriott
Palm Beach Gardens, FL
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2017 Instructors

Classes will be available Jan 1, 2017

Mary Aldridge


Dawn Wenner & Allene Snow

Allene Snow 

Denise Cargill

Cargill  Denise has been sewing since she was a child. Her mother used to make clothes for her sister and her back in the day. Denise’s interest grew as she watched her Mother and Grandmother sew.  Denise dabbled in making her own clothes as a teenager but making crafts and home decor items was where she found herself spending most of her time sewing. Denise bought herself her first embroidery machine for her 40th birthday (many moons ago!) and was bitten by the embroidery bug big time!  Now several embroidery and sewing machines Denise found her true passion in the sewing and embroidery world.  Denise has attended most of the American Embroidery Conferences since 2000. Denise is an accomplished, award winning quilter and has taught machine embroidery classes at Laura's Sewing and Fabrics.  Denise is excited for the opportunity to teach and share her knowledge this year at the AEC.

Joan Clemens

ClemensBaby Lock  Ambassador

Gayle Pearl & Dawn Wenner

Dawn Wenner 

Barbara Hershey Handler

HandlerThe Quilt Handler (alias for Barbara Hershey Handler) has been sewing for over half a century...boy, that really sounds like a long time...and embroidering and quilting for about ten years. She has been a teacher since college graduation...also a long time ago...and is retired from traditional (although nothing she has ever done is really traditional) classroom teaching and development work for Lockheed-Martin Energy Systems.

Barbara is one of the first certified Square in a Square teachers and also one of the first Creative Curves certified instructors. She will also be in the first class of certified Jenny Haskins' you might say she is certifiable.
She has been at all of the AEC's except for the one in 2008 and only a very important family obligation kept her from that one. Her classes are fun and informative. You will learn new techniques for old methods and have fun doing it. You might want to visit her web site to see some of her work ( She always has the newest and most fun notions...and 'gotta have it' items.

Belinda Harford

HarfordCreating and digitising is my life and my passion. I am a travelling teacher and love every minute. Being away from home is not always easy, but all the embroidery stores and ladies opening their arms for me makes it all worth it!!
I have done over 1500 trunk shows in 3 countries and call US my home now.
Living my passion, machine embroidery, makes me feel alive and I will always feel so blessed to share my ideas and unique style.

Loralie Harris


Wei Ji


At MomoDini Embroidery Art, our passion is to produce the finest designs with the highest standards of excellence and quality control. We merge the divergent cultures of the East and the West to give embroidery new life and energy. Our beautiful designs, combined with the best in technology, bring you the finest embroidery designs available anywhere.

Our art seeks the truthful, the expressive, and the harmonious. As we envision a design, the fine lines, exquisite satins, and beautiful stitches reflect not just compositional skills, but also our ability to communicate truth at the deepest levels.

For us, a design is not just a pattern. Our designs combine the rhythms of music, the bewitching images of poetry, and the sweetness of dreams. Just like the great masters of oil paintings, we mix nature and imagination to create a work of art that is representative, not of nature, but of the emotions evoked by the contemplation of nature. Our intent is to strike a spiritual and emotional chord that resonates outward, pleasing you viewing after viewing.

David Jordan


David Jordan is the lucky man married to Laura of Laura's Sewing and Fabric.  They are our Baby Lock dealers for this years event in Palm Beach Gardens.  David was not really into sewing until he married Laura, but has worked very hard at becoming an expert at all things machine related. He likes to instruct while entertaining his students, and has become well know as an Elvis Impersonator at the AEC Events.  His teaching style using humor makes his classes a guaranteed fun class to attend.  David has his own fan club called the "We Love David" Fan Club.  His customers adore him and Laura, so come and spend some time with the incredible David Jordan. 

Francine Kind


Having retired from teaching high school English, Francine now devotes her time to doing what she loves best – sewing and teaching sewing.   Her special interests include heirloom sewing and sewing for dolls, often incorporating heirloom techniques in many of the doll clothes she creates, since as she says, her son refuses to wear heirloom!  She is now a confirmed “sergin’” after completing the serger licensing at Martha Pullen.  Francine is also a licensed Martha Pullen teacher on Babylock machines, beginning sewing, and heirloom sewing as well as a certified Louise Cutting instructor.  She teaches both adults and children at Laura’s Sewing and Vacuum in Palm Beach Gardens and Port St. Lucie.  Her five-part serger techniques series has proven to be especially popular for students who want to get the most out of their sergers.

Francine is the chapter president of the Palm Beach Chapter of the Florida Sewing Sew-ciety.  She lives in Port St. Lucie with her husband Danny and a mischievous bulldog puppy named Ernie.

Jeannie Miller

MillerJeannie Miller has been sewing almost all of her life. Her mother use to sew to help stretch the family budget as she comes from a very large family. She started at a very young age and has never stopped sewing, quilting and embroidering. She retired from a 36 year teaching career in the public school system as a media specialist and now concentrates her teaching efforts on sharing her love of all the things sewing through classes offered at her local stores and at conferences and events. Jeannie is a certified Quilt in a Day teacher and a Jenny Haskins Accredited Instructor. She also sells Accuquilt GO! Dies and other products. You can see more of what she has to offer my visiting her website at:

In 2013, Jeannie along with her BFF Puddin Race, Purchased the American Embroidery Conference from Dianne Pomeroy and put on their first conference together in Palm Beach Gardens in 2014. Following that very successful event they are now on their way to running many more. Of course it was not big leap as she had been helping Dianne with every conference since its beginning in 1999.

Jeannie has always looked forward to the AEC Conferences and being able to contribute something back to such a wonderful group of people who make up the AEC. She has attended all of the past conferences and has learned "sew" much from all of its outstanding past and present instructors.

 Jeannie along with her Grand son Elijah and Dogs Radar and Stitch live in Palm City Florida.

Jim Miller


Penny Muncaster-Jewell

Muncaster-Jewell Penny Muncaster-Jewell has been an avid seamstress and wearable arts person since she was 8 years old. She has also been a computer nerd most of her life. (Only detectable by the way she walks!) She has taught Computer Science at the university level (in England). Penny has also spent many years doing commercial training of engineers and managers in software design using object-oriented approaches. As well as working on building large software systems. She has also taught 2 year old deaf children how to use computers. (Penny says that it was easier to teach the 2 year olds!) Prior to her retirement in 1994, she was working as a NASA consultant and trainer for the folks working on the Space Station Control Center. Since her retirement Penny has flung herself totally back into sewing mode. She started using PE-DESIGN software as soon as it was available (Oct. 96). At the request of her local Brother Dealer she started teaching the PE-DESIGN classes in January 1997 and still teaches there today. In addition, she leads a PE-DESIGN Club which meets every other month. Penny has taught all over the world (Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and Canada) as well as all over the US. As a result of her own trials and tribulations and working with her students Penny has an appreciation for where the pitfalls and gotchas are in PE-DESIGN. She felt that there had to be a way to get other folks going on PE-DESIGN quickly and effectively so, with the encouragement of her students, she started writing the books! She just recently published her third book “Penny’s Practical Guide to Working Smarter Not Harder” Penny lives in Alvin, Texas (halfway between Houston and Galveston) with her husband and dog.

Pattie Otto

Otto  Pattie Otto, owner and designer of Great Copy Patterns has a passion for everything sewing from garment design to machine embroidery. You will find her techniques and detailed instructions contain the short cuts, tricks and information that is so often lacking. Author of Quilting with Fleece, Embellishing with the Edge Perfect Blade™ and Ultimate Polarfleece® Pizzazz, her goal is to help you obtain a professional finish every time while elimination common pitfalls. She has a real passion for teaching and also keeps busy designing patterns, writing and digitizing her line of machine embroidery.  

Gayle Pearl

Debbie Perdue


Debbie Perdue

Certified Zentangle Teacher 

My eyes see art through color, my hands through texture, and my heart loves the 3D nature of art and the world around us.These ingredients run throughout my creative efforts, whether it is in my sewing, collage work, egg decorating, home decor or Zentangle inspired art. 

My search for self-expression and uniqueness led me to Zentangle. I became a Certified Zentangle Teacher in February 2010. Teaching this unique art form has opened a world of art to individuals that feel they have no artistic abilities.  

My mother instilled me with the love of family and sewing. She was always exploring new crafts and redecorating our house. Fortunately, or not, depending on who you ask, I inherited her need to be creative. So I am now blessed with 3 children and three grandchildren to pass down the love of all things creative. 


You may see more about my Zentangle art on my website-

Today is a great day to be CREATIVE!

Emma Seabrooke

SeabrookeEmma Seabrooke is a certified Palmer/Pletsch pant and fit instructor. She trained with a French couturier for years and took many fashion design courses in college while obtaining her degree.

She has been fashion sewing since the age of six, first for her dolls then for herself and others. Emma loves sewing with knits and has designed patterns for them. She has perfected the best styles for all sizes especially the well-endowed ladies.

She travels and teaches from coast to coast and on TV. Emma is an active member of the Miami Chapter of the American Sewing Guild. All her ladies can achieve clothing that looks and fits beautifully. She carries patterns, notions and fabrics that apply to her classes.

Peggy Severt


I began sewing at the age of 8 but l have loved drawing all my life. I attended the Art Institute of Pittsburgh for a short time but commercial art didn’t suit me. I worked in the print and photo shop areas and then used my art and sewing talents to create original items I sold at area craft fairs. In 1997 I discovered machine embroidery. I was able to combine my love of drawing with my love of sewing and the machine did most of the work!.
In 1999, ( was born so that others could enjoy stitching my original designs. My love of embroidery and design has progressed, and I now also enjoy sharing my passions with others thru teaching. I learn from my students as well, which makes it even more rewarding. My 3 children are grown but my hubby, one dog and three cats still live at home with me. “My grandson Jonathan was born in early 2008 and his sister Allie joined him in June of 2009. I love spending time with them. They are so much fun. They are growing up much too fast though!”

Peggy Severt (with Beth Meyers)

Severt (with Beth Meyers) 

Jenny Shibona

Shibona Jenny has been a bead weaver and instructor for over 20 years. She is always busy teaching at bead shows throughout the United States and working on her unique designs and kits. Widely recognized for her artistic accomplishments, Jenny was a finalist in Beadworks Embellished Shoe Show and had a beaded ornament on the White House Christmas tree in 2008. In 2012, Jenny had the honor to have one of her pieces published in the new Lark book "Showcase 500 Beaded Jewelry". You also will find her teaching this year at William Holland Lapidary School, in Young Harris, GA. You can view her designs on her website:

Allene Snow


Allene Snow, "The Snow Lady" has worked as a seamstress for over 35 years including costume design for Galveston Mardi Gras and Texas Renaissance Festival. Her love of embroidery started with the purchase of her first embroidery machine in 1995 along with the scanning device for digitizing and she became addicted to machine embroidery and digitizing. When PEDesign became available the love of digitizing took off like a rocket and has grown with each update. Snowlady Designs opened in 2000 and quickly became known for free standing lace designs with the look of hand crochet. Allene loves sharing her passion for this wonderful hobby so has been teaching at various embroidery conferences and local shops since leaving the corporate world in 2001 using visual lecture demos and hands on classroom interaction. 

Jan Taylor

TaylorJan has worked in retail sales of knitting machines and sewing machines since 1985. In 1996 she discovered the embroidery machines. After purchasing her first machine she was hooked. She now has six machines including the table top machines and the six and ten needle machines. Jan has attended embroidery conferences in Las Vegas, High Point, Phoenix, Atlanta, Boca Raton and Orlando.
Jan has been selling and teaching on the multi needle machines since they came out in 2003. She has taught Digitizing on both Palette and PE/ design in an Atlanta shop in the past. She does troubleshooting on home machines as well.

Dawn Wenner

WennerDawn started her business after getting hooked on the first embroidery machine she saw 17 years ago. She taught herself to digitize soon after and saw it as a way out of the corporate world and into a world of fun and creativity. Shortly after opening her web site, she discovered Hot Fix Swarovski Crystals and knew there was a “need” to incorporate them into embroidery designs to brighten up fabric and embroidery threads. Dawn has traveled throughout the United States teaching people the techniques and inspiring them to put some bling in their lives. Four years ago, it became harder to travel with her products and she needed to stay close to home and run her business on her web site for the most part but will be at AEC for the first time in 6 or 7 years.

Cynthia Wismann


Cynthia grew up under a quilt being quilted, listening and learning from her mother and aunts all about quilting.
Traditional quilts were all she knew although there was a desire to learn more.
Moving from Missouri to Florida changed her style of quilting as she experienced quilters from around the world. Her knowledge of quilting grew by joining the local Quilt Guild in Florida and again listening and learning. Art Quilting, Fabric Dyeing, Quilt Designing and Embellishing quilts were quite an eyeopener and changed her approach to quilting.
She is happy to share all that she has learned along the way and hope it sparks a new idea to her fellow quilters.