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American Embroidery Conference

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May 3-7, 2017
Palm Beach Gardens Marriott
Palm Beach Gardens, FL
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Yankee Swap

What is a Yankee swap?

Perhaps you’ve attended one of these at a shower or other event, but we can assure you it was NEVER as much fun as we have at AEC.  First of all, it’s held on the night of the Pajama Party.

But, just in case you’ve never been to one, here’s what you do:

  1. Bring an item you’re willing to swap with another attendee. You don’t have to make something, but many of our ladies do – something with embroidery on it is always nice.Other suggestions are: wine (always a big hit), sewing notions, fabric bundles – you get the idea.
  2. When you enter the pajama party, you’ll be given a ticket.  KEEP YOUR TICKET.
  3. Place your item on the table (someone will be there to tell you where)
  4. When your number is picked, you get to pick an item off the table.
  5. Someone else may “steal” your item when their number is called. If that occurs, you get to pick another one from the table.  Each item is only eligible for three steals because we only have so much time.

Now all of this sounds very simple and time consuming BUT our emcee, Penny Muncaster-Jewell makes this event a hilarious occasion you will never forget. Throughout the whole thing, we might take a break at any moment to auction something off for the Kids in Distress (glass of wine, piece of chocolate, donated item – whatever we can think of.)

It’s a total BLAST, so come and enjoy the fun! We’ll see you there…….